Artist Photographer

The works in the Dryads in Black series are about perception and memory; how particular elements in the bush – in this instance the baroque, anthropomorphic forms of the Angophora Costada or Sydney Apple Gum – resonate with meaning. Isolating each form, revealing it by contrast with the void of pure black, evokes the mystery which the bush seems to communicate.
Working in photo media gives the particular quality of image reality; post image production gives me a direct interface between reality and imagination, a way to actualize metaphor.

The form of each tree is unchanged; these trees are as found in the bush. By subtracting the surrounding tangle of undergrowth I can show each tree as I perceive it, or as it reveals itself in my mind. Each one has its own persona: the bride; the journeyer emerging from darkness to freedom; the sleeper, the expression of anguish …… the body language of trees.

Dryad-in-Black-24wm-for-wweb Dryad 24   2012                                   Digital Photograph  34 x 51 cm

Dryad-in-Black-6-2009wmDryad 6    2010                                    Digital Photograph 42 x 30 cm

Dryad-in-Black-11wm-for-webDryad 11   2011                                    Digital Photograph   30 x 42 cm

Dryad in Black 8Dryad 8  2010                                            Digital Photograph  30 x 42 cm

 All images Copyright © Trish Neil